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Newcastle United 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur - 04/04/2021 - post-match from page 12

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49 minutes ago, Chris_R said:


Whilst on one hand I definitely agree, on the other hand it also allows us to very quickly identify and possibly prosecute racist assholes.

definitely disagree. these people need to be shown up for what they are. its evidence that racism exists.

we cant cancel every offensive emoji etc.

we need to leave them out there so they can be used to expose these cunts.

thats from someone with asian heritage.

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17 minutes ago, astraguy said:

Ah we drew nice bet the clueless cunts who turn up week in week out are happy until next season 

Sorry to break it to you but you lost 1-2. Dollberg with two in the first 20 minutes. Will be a struggle to stay up but could make relegation playoffs still. 

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It's April now and lots of teams have little to play for. Spurs are still in contention for the Champions League though, so I was surprised at the lack of application from them.

Conversely, Villa could have slacked off against Fulham, but came from behind to win.

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