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Joe Willock

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Is he really a #10 though? Haven't really seen that much of him but to me he has looked more like an attacking CM. Yes he's lightweight, but so are Hendrick and Shelvey, or at least weak, and they are slow as fuck too, so im not sure we're gonna lose out so much defensively.


Having said that, I would rather have seen us sign a two way player who can really dictate the play and tempo of a game. With fucking legs preferably.

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Bloody hell BBC. You are supposed to wait until 10:50pm. No we have to muddle around and pretend we are busy with other irons in the fire.


Time for a last minute snag and then failed to reach an agreements at bed time.

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Underwhelming but what we expect under Ashley.


Yep. Not what we needed really. Especially whilst the threat of bacon cock looms large.


Route one tactics? Signs possession-based no.10

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