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The other games today 2020/21

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I hate Lampard, like. Was cute at first when the narrative was all about how he was giving youth a chance. Now he’s been given more money than he could have wished for and it’s going pear shaped. f*** him and Chelsea.


Aye, had this reputation as some kind of nice bloke of football when he was playing (probably because he's middle class) but seems to be a complete knob


Definitely comes across as massive knob here like :lol:



What a cunt he is  :lol:


He’ll be binned before the end of the season imo. Can’t be spending that amount of money and doing fuck all.

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That’s not offside. Why are they trying to draw a line in line with his arm when your arm can’t make you offside?


The law has changed, your armpit across (top of the arm) is now classed as offside, basically you can score with the top of your arm if the line is drawn direct from your armpit horizontally.

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