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MLB - 2021 - Opening Day!

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at the tender age of 59 I finally have season tickets.  Its the Mets Saturday plan.  13 Saturdays and 7 games during the week including Opening Day.  I'm in heaven.


That’s actually a class package idea.


Might look into the Rockies here and see if they have something similar. Not a Rockies fan but there is something about live Saturday baseball that is just perfect.


How much did it set you back?

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Where the fuck did the Padres get money.


I think it’s honestly just a solid bet to get a couple or true franchise guys to build the organization around. To try and make San Diego a baseball city, to grow the area around the ball park (which is one of my favorites to see a game at), get to the playoffs consistently for the next ten years, etc.


I bet on him too, to be honest.

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