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Emil Krafth

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Looked okay on a highlights video. I think he'll be better than Yedlin or Manquillo.


He does, right. I was quite impressed by his highlites. Looks very competitive.


What videos are you looking at btw? The few out there seem to be from 4-5 years ago and from the Swedish league.


Didn’t realize it was that long ago but yea that one.

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He's having his medical today and signing a four year deal as reported by my colleague at Expressen. Nickson (described as a "very sympathetic and nice guy") has been keen to get him from what I know. NUFC thought this was done a few weeks ago but Amiens changed their stance on the transfer fee, so it looked off just a few days ago. Bruce supposedly got involved himslef late on and pushed for it to be done in the past few days. All in all, it's Nickson's idea to sign him though.


Krafth is a decent enouhg player, very down to earth and humble – but he offers no real edge if I'm being honest. He's been doing ok when he's stood in for Mikael Lustig at RB in the Swedish national team and done reasonably well in France, but not been able to force Lustig out of the starting eleven. He should take Yedlin out as his positional awareness and tactical orientation is a lot better, he's a much more accomplished footballer, but considering how many teams are using wide players with pace, I'm a bit worried about how he'll get along.


So does that mean he lacks pace? Seems to be contrary reports every few hrs.

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