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The 2020-21 Betting Thread

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Mixed night last night.


Switzerland win away from £115 (Switzerland, Finland, Spain and Sweden (-1) )

A goal away in Finland game from £105 (9 fold o1.5 goals)

Seferovic first goal away from £1k


Tho I did have


£5 on Alcacer to score 2nd goal and pukki first goal double £140

£8 on alcacer, pukki and zahavi to score anytime £143

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I've had a bit of luck lately with the bet365 bet builders and I've just had an email to say you can now join different bet builders together


You could already do that with betvictor. Just has a look on bet365 threw 2 betbuilders together and wouldn’t let me double it

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:lol: Don't know how you do it.


Most gamblers only tell you about the winners, it’s utter shite man, everyone loses.


This is true, I go on runs of winning then go on a run of not winning a thing. At moment I’m doing just fine tho. I’m never gonna retire because of betting wins.


I’m Still betting off funds I won in international break last October when I won over £3k.

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