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Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

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Robertson and van dijk are both going to get 180-220 points for 6.5/7m. I look it like to get that from a midfielder would cost 10m plus so them 2 are both must haves.


Ederson is going to be on about 180 points at 6.5m, again to get that in midfield would be a fortune so them 3 are the first names on the team sheet for me.


I have a lot of money riding on this so I do a lot of research.

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Captain Kane :icon_salut:


Should’ve gone Sterling.


Man ... everytime I had him last season he wouldn't do anything.


As many as he scored it was never when I had him in my team :lol:


Terrified of picking the guy now. He's not even in my squad at all.

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