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Martin Dúbravka

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Darlow can't jump and Elliot isn't the most agile of stoppers. I have no qualms us bringing someone else in, however I have absolutely zero idea whether this lad is any cop.

As long as he doesn't have any glaring deficiencies he'll be better than all of our current options, each of whom is dodgy as fuck in some key area. All round competence would be quite a step up imo.
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Darlow has been decent recently, a substantially better goalkeeper would be welcome but it doesn't seem like anyone believes this guy is.


It’s all about Woodman and maximising his potential IMO. Pay £1m loan fee, for this guy then be in a position to command an 8 figure sum for Woodman in a few years. Win win


(Perhaps Rafa’s business argument but really he wants Woodman here as a top quality keeper)

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