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Newcastle United transfer rumours

Will we sign another player this summer?  

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  1. 1. Will we sign another player this summer?

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30 minutes ago, nbthree3 said:



Sounds like Dubravka to me. Almiron's agent was trying to move him on last summer wasn't he (no chance he'd want to stay anyway).

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1 minute ago, Optimistic Nut said:

Would Miggy be happy to stay if we went down?

Personally think ther will be a mass cull if we go down especially all our so called better players. Can't see Wilson, ASM, Almiron, Frazer, Schar, Lascelles, Dubravka being here and maybe even the likes of Hayden and Woodman. We are totally fucked this time if we go down imho, as I honestly believe there will be no takeover and Ashley will strip the club.

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1 minute ago, geordie_b said:

RE 'asset' stripping, I wonder what the squad could be sold for?

If its true that we dont have relegation wage clauses then he will be in a pretty shitty negotiating position

With covid also don't think fees will be as high

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I'd assume ASM, Almiron, Wilson and Dubravka would go, with the rest mostly staying. It'd be a strong Championship side but it should never have come to this.

But Watford managed to keep Sarr, Norwich still have Buendia and Aarons etc. Maybe one would stay.

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Any player at the club between the age of 25 and 30 wants to be fucking off from this cesspit as an absolute priority. The likes of Wilson, Willock, Murphy, the Longstaffs, Lascelles and Hayden should consider themselves as potential England candidates if they had any ambition about them. I'm not saying I'd have them anywhere near the current squad, and nor am I saying they're good enough now (or ever) - but if you're a talented pro with the best years of your career still ahead of you, why wouldn't you back yourself? 

However, it certainly isn't remotely possible if you're turning out (or being prohibited from playing by the moron in charge) for this shitheap of a club. Even if you're doing well at this club and in an all-round better place, you still haven't got a cat in hell's chance of getting into the England set-up (see Townsend '16, Shelvey/Lascelles' 18). These lads desperately need to go for the betterment of their careers. Literally just go anywhere in the PL except ManC or Chelsea and you'll be in an infinitely better position. 

That's before you get to the likes of Fraser, Schär, Miggy, Fernández, Dubravka et al - all of whom have existing international careers to safeguard and all are easily good enough to play European club competition, even bloody Krafth in terms of his national team. They've got no good reason to be here at this point. Time to leap off the stepping stone, boys. 

The older lads too, Ritchie, Dummett, Clark, etc. They're not going to move onto bigger and better things and won't have realistic aspirations of playing Champions League football and such, but why should they play out the rest of their careers at this total basket-case of a club? Here, where, if they're not getting bitched at on the terraces, the manager is digging into them in the press, or they're not being supported by their board. Having to beg for perfectly normal things like bonuses and being denied the riches felt by Championship players in terms of training grounds and other facilities. What's keeping you here, really? There can't be any richness or pride felt in playing for a historical institution like this (if that's what's keeping you) cos it doesn't exist any more. Just go and get your wages elsewhere. 

And therein lies one of the more pathetic aspects of this whole fiasco: there's a boatload of talented players at the club. Gaping holes, yep, and never good enough for the top half, but better than the wank which the pillock in the dugout has orchestrated. Rafa had us at about par. 

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Townsend would be a freebie. Can't see any other real justification for it seeing as he's a way away from his best form with us and just after. Squad's in a shit state so we're gonna have to plug some gaps with that sort of signing, you'd think. Willems is harder to justify given he won't have kicked a football competitively in just shy of two years by the start of next season. 

The management of the squad since we came back up has just been pitiful. Freebies, bargains, loans, punts and crocks; thank Christ at least Rafa had an eye for a player, meaning a fat handful did actually work out, at least in the short term. Meanwhile, new contracts to players who needed jettisoning years ago; opportunities to cash-in on redundant performers missed; and decent academy prospects thrown on the scrapheap. No real planning or strategy, certainly since Bruce arrived, and even prior to that, the budget dictated any strategy. Just about getting by, every season; anomalies like Almiron and Wilson aside, which were progressive signings with a defined role in mind. 

More of it to come. 

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Almiron, definitely. I don't think Wilson was bought with a defined role in mind. Just another goalscorer who happened to be available. Isn't that what Bruce said about Gayle, "A goalscoer is a goalscorer", or something?

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