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32 minutes ago, Village Idiot said:

Looks like Dembele doesn't want to resign so we'll be selling him in the summer (we can use the cash anyway). Was afraid this is how it would turn out after he finally seems to have turned a corner this season.

Where will he likely end up? Chelsea? 

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He has been heavily linked with ManU in the past, been linked to Juve in recent weeks.

He has all the tools if he gets his head down and gets serious about being a professional, which he seems to have started doing this season (although he's still had his share of injuries).

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On 23/04/2021 at 12:58, St1pe said:

Looked good at the start of the season. Not sure what’s happened to him since but he never really seems to get going. 


Absolutely abysmal after a few good performances.

You won't find a single Villa fan who wants to keep him. I'd have sent him back already TBH.

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