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Still not worthy of a thread - General Chat edition

How do you open a screw cap bottle?  

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  1. 1. How do you open a screw cap bottle?

    • Hold bottle with writing hand, unscrew cap with non-writing hand?
    • Hold bottle with non-writing hand, unscrew cap with writing hand?

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Class being colourblind like



Full disclosure: it doesn't look like this :lol: but it might as well for all the differences I can tell

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:lol: 100%. red-green colorblindness is a bitch cause it fucks with my yellow/green perception as well. Can't tell which areas are cheese and which are mayo/salad dressing.

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18 hours ago, 54 said:

Aromat is easily the best thing on chip, @Lenny can back me up with this.

It is pretty lush, although the other half doesn't like me using it given that it's basically powdered MSG :lol:

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