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Other Clubs' New Kits: 2021-22

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Also, since tonight was England's last match in Umbro...What are everyone's thoughts on the move to Nike? If they make them as unique and class as the France kits - that would be pretty awesome.  Very curious to see - I'd imagine something very English heritage-like. They seem to be doing that with France etc.


France 2013 away kit. My goodness.




I don't really know what the deal is with Umbro & Nike, given they're the same company. For all we know the same people are designing the kit but with a new badge.

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aye, except ditch the scroll (latin is boring) and the seahorses (totally gay).


go minimalist and just have the shield with three castles in it.

In other words, do a different crest ?

Tripe. Latin is more than 2,000 years old. What do you want on it ? Text Speek ?

I agree with the feller saying the anti-crest tripe is embarrassing

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France has consistently put out the nicest kits over the past few years. Surprised more teams with Nike aren't just copying their template.


Nike's best kit in my opinion. France's home & away after the switch to Nike have been outstanding.

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Some of the discussions/suggestions being banded about over our crest in here are embarrassing. It's fine as it is.


Just because something is fine as it is doesn't mean it cant be improved. It was just a simple discussion, I personally do think our badge is starting to look a bit old-hat.

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Guest firetotheworks

Saw this mockup on Twitter:




That's vile like. It looks like It should be the kit for fucking Persia. :lol:

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Deuce, I haven't seen all other international badges - but I will venture to say ours is prob within the worst 10 if not 5. :lol:


That one you posted on the other page was supposedly some centennial badge or something. Needs to last forever.

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Albania FFS


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