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Euro 2020 - to be held in cities across Europe

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10 hours ago, LFEE said:

I didn’t say scrap who’s qualified. Just would’ve been easier for the calendar to slot it in for 2024. There’s always the Olympics which is practically a professional tournament nowadays for something to watch.

Would’ve possibly helped ease the issues of having the 2022 World Cup out of sync with not needing qualifiers for 2024.

They certainly should’ve ditched the awful idea of it being held in various countries as that was always madness and put me off from attending this time round as feel it defeats the whole purpose from a fan’s experience of international football.

On both counts I’m just of the opinion less is more.

By doing that you rob nations not qualified for 2020 the chance to play in the EC. It's not a good thing at all, it means some players might not get to play at an EC for 12 years (if they weren't qualified for 2016 for instance). Their entire career essentially, when they could've had one last chance at it.

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