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Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST)

Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST)   

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  1. 1. Have you / do you intend to pledge to the 1892 Pledge scheme orchestrated by the NUST?

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16 hours ago, Cookie1892 said:

its like that scene in Life of Brian


The Peoples front of NUFC

The NUFC peoples front

The popular peoples front of NUFC

The popular front of NUFC People

Steve Wraith


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Got my email asking me to renew my membership yesterday, good timing for them between them announcing they were going to announce something and them revealing what it is. As I signed up when they made it a quid and thought I might as well, I imagine most of their memberships are running out at exactly the same time...

.Nobidy is really expecting anything of any actual consequence are they? Not even the usually deranged #nufc twitter are getting excited. I think the most radical thing I'd expect from our mild mannered Trust is that they're going to 'back' the idea of fan ownership, without any means of actually making it happen. 

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On 06/04/2021 at 22:23, Yorkie said:

What about Alex Hurst gives you the impression he's out for self-promotion, beyond the fact that he has an existing 'presence' in mainstream NUFC discourse? As I've said before, I think he represents us really well when appearing on non-NUFC/radio etc. 

To clarify, I'm not sitting here saying the Trust are great achievers on a par with Boudica or the 300. I even said I didn't know much about their usual work. What I'm saying is that, of all the groups, they  have the biggest membership and so if you're going to attach yourself to one, it ought to be that, and there's no harm in them trying to attract more people, given their values and ambitions. 

And also, let's just see what Thursday brings. 

Little teaser announcements are pathetic, but they're par for the course when it comes to extending the impact of the imminent announcement.

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Utterly underwhelming and pointless. 

The pandemic means a lot of people haven’t got a pot to piss in at the minute. Its the ideal time to be asking for a load of cash. 

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'One day hopefully own a part of the club'.


'Give us your money, we might use it one day...Honest...'


I take it that his will be put in motion post-Ashley if the new owners are even willing to do it.  So there's one massive hurdle right away.


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Just now, Sima said:

'One day hopefully own a part of the club'.


'Give us your money, we might use it one day...Honest...'

If it doesn't work out it will go to charity. 

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While it might not work out in the end, i've always thought fans should own a part of whatever club they support, so think its a great idea tbh, and if it doesn't a load of money goes to charity win win.

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One of the most embarrasing things I've ever seen associated with NUFC. Cathedral on the hill? Greggs sausage rolls???? [emoji38]

There must be a Mackem working undercover at the NUST. That is an absolute goldmine of ammunition for the mongoloids on RTG. They will be pissing themselves with laughter this morning.

Consider my membership cancelled. I guess they don't think the Saudi takeover will be happening either then.

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The idea

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust is encouraging supporters of Newcastle United to raise money through the Trust to one day be able to own part of Newcastle United.


Too often football clubs recently relegated from the Premier League fall into the hands of owners who do not have the club’s interests at heart. Leeds, Charlton, Bolton, Porstmouth, Bradford and Sunderland have experienced what would have been unimaginable falls as they competed, often for years, in the Premier League. The Trust is raising money so that if Newcastle United is relegated under Mike Ashley (again) and fails to win promotion back to the Premier League (or worse suffers another relegation) that we are ready to save the club if it needs saving. We want to be proactive not reactive about the club’s future. Should the club be sold while in the Premier League the Trust would look to work with new owners and purchase a small part of the club and have influence within the club on matters that affect supporters most.


The 1892 Pledge Scheme asks fans from around the globe to make small donations through the 1892 Pledge website to build a fund that will hopefully secure the future of the football club. We are asking fans to set up direct debit payments of anything over £1 to allow the Trust to own part of this football club when it changes hands in future. 


This club is our club

Owners come and go. The Trust and its membership have been clear that Newcastle United can be more than it has become. This football club is reportedly for sale for £350 million. So what is so valuable about Newcastle United?  It is not the below par training facilities or the faltering academy.  It’s not its struggling first team and unpopular coaching staff.   It is the supporters that make Newcastle United valuable. It is me and you. We are the asset that the owner of the club seeks to make millions in profit from.  The 1892 Pledge Scheme seeks to allow us to represent ourselves when the club is sold.  We are Newcastle United. This club is our club.

This football club must have fan representatives inside Newcastle United when the current owner does eventually sell.


Security and transparency

We cannot guarantee success in our ultimate goal. We do not seek to make promises for things that are outside of our control. If we fail in our ambition to raise the money to buy a share in Newcastle United when it changes hands, then your money will be given to charities registered in the North East of England. To ensure your money is safe we have appointed four Guardians of the Pledge Scheme:


• Warren Barton, former NUFC and England defender


• Ian Mearns, MP for Gateshead


• George Caulkin, senior football writer for The Athletic


• Lee Humble, chartered accountant


These four individuals have control over all funds raised. More information on the Guardians can be found here.


Your money your choice

As a Trust member you have the final say over any money we raise. If the scheme was to be cancelled and the money donated to charity, the Trust membership would need to approve that decision with a majority vote. If new owners emerged and were keen to work with the Trust and sell us part of the club – the Trust membership would also have to vote by majority to approve that deal. This is your Trust and your money. You decide what happens.



Our ambition

The 1892 Pledge Scheme is an ambitious project that ultimately stems from a core belief that we, the supporters, deserve more than ‘the remit’ of Premier League survival.  We deserve more than stadium name changes, than club legends treated with contempt and fans feeling wilfully ignored.  We deserve better than to be labelled as ‘hysterical’.  We are not the problem.

The 1892 Pledge Scheme seeks to make supporters part of the solution to the current malaise at Newcastle United. We want to work with new owners, whenever they emerge, and be part of this football club.  We can only do that by raising enough money to have a seat at the table.


A global Pledge Scheme

The 1892 Pledge Scheme is open to all supporters. If you are in Byker or Brooklyn, Wallsend or Wellington, Hebburn or Helsinki – the 1892 Pledge Scheme is for you.  If you’ve 300 loyalty points, had a season ticket for 30 years, never attended a game, are currently boycotting Mike Ashley’s ownership – the 1892 Pledge Scheme is for you.

We are asking you to Pledge what you can in a monthly payment by direct debit or pay a one-off payment whenever you can.  We do not want anyone to Pledge an amount they would miss. The Pledge Scheme is about all of us. 

If there is any fanbase that can pull this off, it is the supporters of Newcastle United. We can do this. 

The worst thing we will do is raise a lot of money for some very good causes. 

We hope you are behind the 1892 Pledge Scheme. 


Launch Events

The official launch event for the 1892 Pledge Scheme will start at 7:00pm UK time on Friday 09th April (tomorrow) and you can join us live on the links below (there is no need to register, just click the link when the event starts). Our launch event is being hosted by the Evening Chronicle and will be an opportunity to hear more about the 1892 Pledge Scheme and meet your Guardians and some other special guests.

Link for YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTk3m75mqr0 
Link for Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chroniclenufc

Tonight (Thursday 08.04) we will be hosting a Live Q&A with the Trust Board tonight about the 1892 Pledge Scheme – feel free to come and ask a question on anything at all to do with the 1892 Pledge Scheme.  The Q&A will be broadcast on the Trust’s YouTube Channel but also will be streamed live on fan channels Gallowgate Shots, Newcastle Fans TV & True Faith.  We hope you can join us from 7pm tonight.

Link for YoutTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56kAUGZmU10
Link for Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nufctrust

Finally we have a launch event for international with Guardian Warren Barton.  This will be broadcast on Microsoft Teams at 7PM CST. All supporters are welcome to any event. The Trust board were keen to create an event in a time zone that suited many members not living in the UK or Europe.

Link: International Fans Event with Warren Barton

We want to hear from you. We want your feedback, and we are on hand to answer questions.  Head to www.1892pledge.co.uk for more information and to pledge. Tell your family. Tell your mates.


This club is our club.

We are trying to change the future, so the mistakes of the recent past are never repeated. 
Join the 1892 Pledge Scheme today and let’s help make this football club our own.

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