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Paul Gascoigne

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Send him to prison. At least that way it will stop him killing any innocent people with his frequent drink driving. He's been caught doing it twice (if not more) so Christ knows how many times he's done it when he hasn't been caught. I thought he'd be sectioned under the mental health act after the Barry Moat incident.

.Still cannot understand him still walking the streets tbh an accident waiting to happen how long till an innocent person is killed ,ban the idiot from driving and the next time he's picked up lock him up for 3 years but i forgot he will use the " i'm A celebrity get me out of here " card like George Michael .
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I don't keep up on Gazza really, gets boring reading the same thing over and over. I would assume, considering how often he doess offend, he's re-offended enough times during suspended sentences? If so, I'm sure it'll happen again and he'll still get off.


Forget going to jail to save himself, seems beyond saving. Send him to jail before he hurts an innocent victim.

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Mental that he's stayed out of jail. What sort of the message does it send to all those mongs in the Bigg Market contemplating driving home this christmas?

I think the fact he is in rehab is the only thing keeping him out of Nick
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Guest ObiChrisKenobi
Former England midfielder Paul Gascoigne will perform a tell-all stage show to help him get over his troubles, teaming up with fellow ex-international Jimmy Greaves for the no-holds-barred performance in Bournemouth called the Gazza and Greavsie Show, which will include jokes, anecdotes and questions from the crowd.



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