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  1. Something else that has been glossed over.... The case number!!! NOTICE OF A CLAIM UNDER SECTION 47A OF THE COMPETITION ACT 1998 Case No: 1402/5/7/21 Looks like a date of 5th July to me!!
  2. Nope The Claimant seeks: (1) Damages for loss of profit or, alternatively, loss of opportunity. (2) An injunction requiring the Defendant to withdraw the Director Decision and/or to reconsider the same. (3) Interest. (4) Costs. (5) Such further or other relief as the Tribunal considers appropriate
  3. And also a form submitted on the claim against the Premier League dated today 1402/5/7/21 St James Holdings Limited v The Football Association Premier League Limited | Competition Appeal Tribunal (catribunal.org.uk)
  4. Wonder if this is significant and why any announcement has been held back? Not ITK just wondering
  5. Maybe he thought it was going to be given the all clear sooner than this and when he refers to holding off being a good thing its more to do with the Buyers have advised to hold off as they have made some progress and don't want to upset the apple cart so to speak. Just speculation of course!
  6. Yes that's correct however they spent ages trying to get Beloff removed as the chair and now he is under huge scrutiny as even the high court judge said he hadnt handled it very well by not disclosing his previous Bird and Bird work... I still dont think it will get as far as full arbitration and something will happen previous to it but also safety is the KEY 1st step in the process.
  7. Agreed.... I was glad to see Burnley get beat...
  8. I'm with you there Candi as I keep running through the fixtures and realistically i can only see us getting another 3 points up till the Fulham game. 12 Points to play for and 9 points clear If we lose our next 2 which i think is highly likely Fulham Vs Burnley Well i think Fulham could get 3 pts here Southampton Vs Fulham I would say they will get at least a point or 3 so lets say worse case scenario they win 3 pts Gap is down to 3 points Then Man Utd vs Fulham Who knows with this as man u will be concentrating on Europ
  9. Got my own hopes up too
  10. Not sure, I am not the greatest with twitter to be fair
  11. Yes your right, I read the page wrong!! Oh bloody hell sorry guys. I thought the part underneath the tweet was how had liked it..
  12. I am so happy this thread is back open! Queue the rumours Interesting tweet here and the likes!! Jamie Reuben, Mehrdad, Carla Dibello and PIF have liked it
  13. I agree the Takeover thread allows us to have hope and yes we get loads of ITK posts on twitter but we cling on to the hope that one day they are correct!!!
  14. Liam needs the green light to put it out there so one can assume it needs the legal teams approval..
  15. Story is written and Liam is not in a position to comment and is takeover related... Its a pretty big story and they just need to check things off and get the go ahead to publish Hopefully this week if not next... Very positive apparently
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