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  1. Kane Rashford DCL Bamford For me
  2. Aye he was very limited, my boy has been at their Easter summer footy camp the last few days and thanks to my good mate who is practically Mr Gateshead these days he got all the players to sign a ‘Heed kit for him, he was over the moon and Williamson by all accounts has been great with the kids. Not a bad player, but just never good enough for our level or rather where we should have been at. A decent pro though so no hard feelings from me. He really does come across as a top-class person and I, delighted he’s settled here in the NE and loved his time at the club. He’s a good egg/pro
  3. For once I think he’s right, this doesn’t have anything to do with any takeover IMO.
  4. Day off, is it too early to be watching The Usual Suspects? Great film IMO
  5. Aye he comes across so well too, really genuine and seemingly knowing that he was privileged to play at the standard he did at a club like NUFC for the time he did. From what I gather he was critical of how the club were being ran behind the scenes in terms of training, facilities etc. Him and others are working so hard at Gateshead on their academy/training/facilities side I do know that. Good luck to him, not the worst player to have ever played for us by a huge stretch. Just ultimately a player who should never have been part of the playing side at a more ambitious and better NUFC like so m
  6. 4 more points would GUARANTEE our safety, 3 more points only from now to going into the final game and it’s close to the wire.
  7. Always had a good time in the Bridge
  8. Apparently Mike Williamson was first in last out and the hardest working player at the club during his time here, I wasn’t a fan of him at all, but as Gateshead FC manager I’ve spoken to him/met him a few times and he comes across really well and saw his time at NUFC as something he was immensely proud to be part of. He’s been coaching my boy these last few days along with Ben Clark and Matty Pattison at Gateshead’s Easter footy camp. He did play far too many games for us, however, than his ‘talent’ belied...
  9. Thauvin is a good shout, I’d like to have seen more of Huckerby and obviously JDT
  10. Big Dunc, Malcolm Allen, Kitson and one for the books... Andy Cole.
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