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  1. Charlton are one of just a few teams that they don't have a "special" relationship with
  2. Yup, such is the joy of being a Newcastle United fan.
  3. Neymar only had one on target and that let the bet down. Still got a good run for my money.
  4. Mbappe has had 10 shots on target in his last 3 Champions League games and Neymar has had 11 on target in 5 Champions League appearances so far this season. That looks like a canny bet tbf. Well worth a fiver, thanks for the heads up.
  5. If by a miracle we do stay up and Bruce is still the manager he won't last 5 mins with the fans back ( hopefully a reduced crowd) If we do deservedly go down and Bruce is still the manager he won't last 5 mins with the crowds back even a large reduced crowd. He would have been sacked this season already if crowds were allowed as he would not been able to take the deserved criticism he would have had to endure. He is without doubt the luckiest fraud of a manager ever.
  6. Once again we have to rely on Fulham not winning because we can not rely on our incompetent fraud of a manager being able to manage properly.
  7. Fulham messing up today after being in front and us getting a late draw has changed things in our favour a tad. Fulham are now 8/11 favs to go down. We are 6/5 so nowt much it in. I think (hope) Fulham will lose to Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U. Beat Burnley at home and draw at home to Wolves and away to Southampton. ( 31 points ) I also think ( yup hope again ) we draw away to Burnley, draw at home to West ham and Arsenal and beat Sheff Utd. Of course we will lose to Liverpool , Leicester and Man city. ( 35 points) Last game v Fulham away, won't matter. Totally out of
  8. I never thought Brighton would go down, much better than us and Fulham. Even if they get beat today.
  9. A massive point that, I thought we were going to get hammered.
  10. Unbelievable ^^^
  11. Just read we had 10 shots in the first half. There's Bruce's excuse right there.
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