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  1. I thought the same as Carragher during commentary, not sure where I got it from.
  2. Have they changed the rules again? Wasn’t it just an attempt for the ball needed earlier in the season? It’s just fucking shit. I dislike Liverpool as much as most people but there was nothing wrong with that goal whatsoever.
  3. Fucking turn it off. What an absolute joke of a decision.
  4. Great. Our top goalscorer in the last 6 games is out.
  5. That’s why it’s so farcical. They’re trying to measure it to an incredibly small degree without recognising they can’t do the same with when the ball was kicked. VAR is genuinely making me lose interest in football. More than I even thought it would.
  6. Can’t believe anyone ever wanted VAR. Absolute horseshit.
  7. There’s still no sort of solid plan beyond “maybe buying a nominal share”. I get the insurance policy bit. But as I said, that’s still a massive long shot for many reasons. Even in League One, £50m is an astronomical figure to reach and then there would need to be ongoing funding afterwards. There would be plenty of people with a lot more money interested before it got to that point. It just feels like pissing in the wind. Although, when the money is split between charities at least it’ll go to some good use. Not surprised Alex is the key player behind this. He’ll be gagg
  8. I’m still unsure on what the point is in buying 1% (or any nominal stake)? The website doesn’t seem to answer this question either. I could understand it as a future fund in the event the club fell through the divisions, it could act as security that we could jump in and purchase a controlling stake at any point. Although the figure needed here would be huge (£50m+) and theres every chance someone else would jump in and buy it first. I don’t see any benefit in purchasing a tiny stake.
  9. It’s not though, is it? You’re on an internet forum, where people discuss their views on any given subject. People are able to share their opinion of this project, whether it’s positive or not.
  10. Good idea in theory, but it’s so difficult to pull off and needs substantial support at a time people’s interest in NUFC is reducing. There’s also too many gaps and maybes to get people engaged on this regularly. There’s also a question as to what this achieves. A nominal stake in the club will do nothing that a well organised Trust couldn’t achieve with a good relationship with the owners [caveat of it not being MA]. On a separate note... Remember ‘’MyFootballClub”? Everyone chipped in, bought Ebbsfleet and it was fucking awful. Everyone lost interest and it ended badly.
  11. We’re not ‘bashing’ anyone. We’re providing constructive criticism and offering solutions about how to make something better. The problem is people have been saying the same thing for years and the Trust don’t ever seem to listen. Therefore they are rightly criticised about it. After all, they are supposedly a voice of their members. Maybe under Greg’s leadership there will be positive changes, we’ll have to wait and see (starting tomorrow).
  12. It feels like we’ve just made our first signing for the Championship next season.
  13. Will send you a message on here early next week to arrange.
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