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  1. They usually like an injury time equaliser after 8 minutes of injury time
  2. Charlton have a good chance of getting a play off place now also
  3. This is not optimism though, not with a 8 point lead. Big difference.
  4. You won’t get the chance to find out.
  5. You could say the same about Newcastle also and probably more likely as newcastle are at home.
  6. Winning 2 games in a row doesn't take them above us, we are 8 points clear and are going to put points on the board, so yes they would then need to hit somewhere near Champions League Form to overtake us.
  7. No I don't think they can as they haven't all season. Have a look at they previous 3 results before Chelsea including us without Almiron, St Max or Wilson. To overtake 8 points they are going to have to show something like Champions League form, so no not a peculiar expression.
  8. You obviously not been watching West Brom much this season then just because they had a one off game against a 10 man Chelsea (they were getting beat with 11) doesn't suddenly make them hit Champions League form. 21 points in 30 games tells it's own story.
  9. Give over Man with West Brom will you. Not a chance in hell they will get even anywhere near those 8 points. As for Fulham I said before the Villa game (without Grealish) that they were over rated by some on here and those two games have shown exactly why.
  10. Absolute fucking joke, you watch Fulham go in and win this now.
  11. Even if we stay up he now commands a fee instead of a free transfer. No brainier really tbf and the length of contract is probably at his agents insistence to cover himself also.
  12. So a full page of absolute shite and not even related to the takeover. If there was any news concerning the takeover I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t come via the Trust as the first point of call.
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