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  1. Watching Last Chance U - little to no interest in American football but good viewing. Shirley that bird from the first two seasons was humping at least one of the students?
  2. Probably been posted/mentioned elsewhere but this is a belter. Second part there is loads of Toon related stuff but both parts worth a look.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p093x1c1/cant-get-you-out-of-my-head-series-1-6-part-six-are-we-pigeon-or-are-we-dancer
  4. All their records are class tbf. Check out Fear of Music. Also you need to watch Stop Making Sense at some point, probably the best concert film of all time.
  5. reckon Ritchie leaving could be related to Choudhury coming in in some way?
  6. short back and stompin
  7. rickyprickles

    Hip hop fans

    Check out Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... if you haven't already, one of the best. It’s on DAMN no? Unless I can’t find it. https://dissectpodcast.com/tag/to-pimp-a-butterfly/ There you go, mate. I didn't rate the season he did on DAMN as much but that tpab one is essential.
  8. rickyprickles

    Hip hop fans

    Favourite Wu solo record? Liquid Swords for me.
  9. rickyprickles

    Hip hop fans

    Not sure if it has been mentioned in here previously but the Dissect podcast season on tpab is mindblowing.
  10. rickyprickles

    Hip hop fans

    Have to agree with this.
  11. Re-watched Wild at Heart last night - fucking tremendous. Also, Bobby Peru is the best name of all time.
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