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  1. PIF's proposed takeover of NUFC has fallen through after the buying parties were unable to reach a deal with the club's supporter's trust.
  2. It is my understanding that the NUST leaders are very willing to give their money to Mike Ashley.
  3. Democracy has always been overrated. A benevolent dictator is what you need. Like Saddam Hussein or Vince McMahon.
  4. Everything has failed? We haven't done anything. We've renewed our season tickets and sat in idle silence for 15 years while Mike takes the piss. The alternative is to boycott the club. It's really really easy.
  5. 100% this. Any fan action group who aren't fully committed to a boycott of the club are part of the problem. Ashley is gone if we want him gone. It's always been that way.
  6. Rolling in the deep (oil drums). We’re minted. It happen.
  7. Alan O’Brien was known for being able to beat Bellamy in a sprint. A true a speed merchant. Jose Enrique used to be a 100m sprinter. You could see it in his arm action when he got going.
  8. Don't give Ashley your money. How about that for a project?
  9. Have we ever had a good Viking? Krafth, Pingel, Andersson, Tomasson... shite the lot of them. They can shove IKEA up their arses as well.
  10. She does seem like she'd be quite dominant in bed https://twitter.com/ChronicleNUFC/status/1379418864455417856
  11. “Sometimes when the other team gows down to ten men it can mike things tougher in a wai. Todai Burnley have gone down to nine men and that mide things doubly tough for us. Still, there were a lot of positives - We’ll dust waselves down, rowl wa sleeves up, spit in wa palms and dust waselves down agayn.”
  12. Jeff Hendrick will show them what they haven’t been missing with an exhibition finger-up-arse performance. 2-0 Burnley
  13. Candi_Hills


    He isn't and he never has. He saunters around like it's a PE lesson.
  14. I'm happy to see De Marco and Doussi waving their willies round again but it's a bit concerning that they're wanting us to stop up. Keith's talking about avoiding relegation too. Nee chance of us stopping up.
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