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  1. So the admins can't even resist and join in. Forum is well and truly dead, not rules. Oh well, time to spam!
  2. You are a WUM, 2 times these threads have been locked because you and others can't resist coming onto this thread to preach your 'Gospel'. You are like Jehovah Witnesses, you can't stand other people to have a thread that is different in opinion to your own, so you have to come on and tell us the errors of our ways. Please do leave us positive few to this thread and the forum will be a happier place.
  3. then fuck off to the other thread. Its not hard to understand!
  4. I think you're looking for the thread 'Ashley takes me up the arse and I come back for more'!
  5. they aren't interested in your rationale statements. you can tell that by the way they challenge what you say and then say 'but I can't be arsed to look it up'. Basically they are in a topic titled 'Positive Optimision- Takeover' but they can't help themselves coming on and trying to tell everyone they are right and others are wrong. They are trolls and this forum has gone to the dogs. Talk about actual football and NUFC has slowed to a trickle because NUFC is a shell, yet those hoping for a takeover to reset the club are hounded. Even when a thread is set up to try and keep the po
  6. why is it a weird take? People getting slashed etc is now classed as an unfortunate incident? Protest by all means but do it peacefully. People who carry knifes are just scum, the person took it to the protest because he wanted to use it! Or is the unfortunate incident because he didn't realise the knife was in his pocket and then it was unfortunate when he took it out and slashed the officers face? Unfortunate incident, my arse!
  7. What are you going to protest against? Big Six ESL Masters & Hoffman Ashley Bruce? To be honest, football isn't worth protesting about. If you want to do something - then don't buy sky sports, BT sports, don't attend any games and don't buy football merchandise. The biggest statement fans can make is empty stadiums when lock down ends. Breaking into football stadiums, slashing police officers faces, will get the short term headlines but for all the wrong reasons. Imagine Sky sports broadcasting games in empty stadiums to fans that
  8. Im sorry your honour, it was just an unfortunate incident that I happened to stab the guy 48 times, he fell repeatedly on my knife. Next week, the unfortunate incident of ISIS bombings and how they are all misunderstood!
  9. Not meaning to piss on anyone’s chips this morning. But then you do! You guys win, I can't be arsed to argue about the meaning of a Positive thread any more. Basically this place is now becoming like Twitter, people are just out to troll! I hope you are wrong and the takeover goes ahead but if it doesn't I will take solace that the same people here putting down anything to do with the takeover will be the 1st to complain about the state of the NUFC! Bunch of fuckwits!
  10. like a spit roast but with one extra person!
  11. It will be a massive bombshell if true. 1st there is the takeover issue, then there is anti competitive angle. This would blow the whole setup of the PL apart, Ashley could be sueing on multiple points and issues if this is true!
  12. Or it could be that the national MSM have an agenda and wont report anything about NUFC. See Sky News all over Theirry's Quote about Arsenal being run as a company instead of a football club. Hello........14 years of Ashley!
  13. look at you all scrambling to put down any hint of good news or tentative links. Its okay, grab your comfort blanket and repeat, Mummy did love me!
  14. Big news from Saudi Arabia.......they are running out of sand and have been nicking sand from Brighton. Newcastle Online........aw man, that's the takeover screwed then, De Marco will quit as he loves his Brighton view!
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