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    Got my jab booked in for Friday in Washington
  2. Without hoping to sound like a prick here, but if someone recommends a movie can they also say where it can be watched ?
  3. Thank goodness those cans are horrible
  4. Some NUFC account on twitter is posting pictures of cans again (TBF its those fizzy piss purple Cider cans) but I'm back in.
  5. Aye, Queen of the charvas, wonderful.
  6. When Sky first started, the main attraction for me was the commentators and how they were over the top, they are just so vanilla and boring now trying their hardest to keep under the radar and not become the story, its just so dull.
  7. Its on, Amanda has been down to companies house with her purse and paid £20 for something
  8. Tai Shan Schierenberg will be chuffed tonight
  9. Aye that's fair, I still think with Dubs keeping them out, Wilson and ASM putting them in we will get a few more points over the next few weeks, the only road block is how trains and picks them
  10. Is there a possibility that this could get sorted before arbitration
  11. I wonder if Burnley and Brighton could get dragged into the relegation scrap.
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