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  1. I think it is clear Ashley is doing everything in his power to see this through which is clearly a positive. I'm not so sure it'll force the Premier League to approve the sale like many others are though and for me it is a near certainty that Ashley will still own us come the beginning of next season and that's nothing to do with how likely we are to win arbitration or the anti-competition case, it's purely on the time frame these things are likely to take to conclude.
  2. A nice thought but surely that would've been leaked by someone if it were the case? Never say never i guess.
  3. It's not really semantics. Agreeing a deal i.e. exchanging contracts is completely different to purchasing. A purchase/sale is completed upon the full funds being transferred; unfortunately at no point has that happened so not at any point has the club ever been sold to PCP/PIF and it is incorrect to say otherwise. If you exchange contracts on a house and that same day your mate says "I'll come over for a beer" neither of you would be able to enjoy it in the comfort of the "new" house as it's not yours to enter because it hasn't been bought/sold. I hope arbitration is successfu
  4. Yeah they've been tagged in the post rather than actually liking it. No harm done (although you did get my hopes up temporarily).
  5. We really should be safe but we're also likely to lose our next 2 games and Fulham have 2 "winnable" fixtures so they do have an opportunity to put pressure on us (and Burnley).
  6. None of them have liked it.
  7. It is such a non story. Luke has written Bruce has no intention of quitting and the club has no interest or desire to sack him. If both of those points are true (they appear to be given he's still in the job) then why the hell would they all spend the day having "frantic meetings"?
  8. Agreed. Hopefully @Ando7 is on the money again as he is with his team news but can't help but think Craig Hope would've been all over the fact Bruce didn't even turn up for training.
  9. Whenever I do it, it always ends up going to the last game of the season. We basically need to beat Sheffield Utd and one of West Ham or Arsenal at home or Burnley away. If we win 2 games ahead of the Fulham game it'll be in our hands. Albeit we'd need to avoid defeat on the final day to stay up. Villa vs Fulham is a big one after the international break. If Fulham lose that it'll be 3 defeats on the spin and any momentum they did have will be gone. Need to hope Grealish is back.
  10. He's not going anywhere. The club briefed every news outlet this morning confirming he still has their backing and Bruce has said time and again he won't resign.
  11. Well that’s a s*** idea in a global pandemic. There have been BLM protests, Sarah Everard protests etc, Whitty and Valance have confirmed these don't spread the virus as outdoor transmission is barely a thing.
  12. Fans should organise a protest at the ground to make life as uncomfortable as possible for him whilst he's still in charge.
  13. Really does depend on injuries for me. Bruce has been awful for the most part but it can't be disputed that with Miggy, ASM and Wilson in the "new" formation we were beginning to look like a competent, mid table premier league team. Even if Jones was responsible for that improvement. Miggy is the biggest miss in the new system as he sets the press. As long as we either beat Villa or don't lose to Brighton we'll be in with a fighting chance after the international break with our big hitters back. It is far too early to be throwing the towel in with 11 games to go. Fulham are in great f
  14. How can this be proven? I ask honestly as I know nothing about legal arbitration etc. Isn't it almost like a jury where both sides will present their arguments then these 3 selected people will rule on it. But like a juror who could be a closet racist sending an innocent black man to jail for example. Can't really be proven without evidence against them, and whatever we have we obviously used in this case to have him removed and failed. Matt Slater said and I quote "these guys get very annoyed when people suggest they'll be prejudice or anything other than professional, fair and wise
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