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  1. Imagine how many more points we would have had if cabbage head had the bollocks to swap them right away
  2. How many tackles is that [nah] Murphy going to bottle
  3. Steve fucking Bruce, that’s what. Hope the cunt has a heart attack
  4. A school under 13s team would look more organised than us to be fair
  5. Look for the word “Lazy” in the English dictionary and you will see a picture of jonjo Shelvey
  6. We don’t actually have that bad a team, we just a have a very very poor manager that would manage to get a see and eye dog to forget it’s training
  7. Joelinton Really does have the touch of a catholic priest
  8. Hopefully someone does a favour and breaks Joelintons leg the next time he’s seen in the street
  9. Lol when it’s not going for you it’s not going for you
  10. With it being international week our guys will have until next Friday off to recover, while our manager experiences every kebab shop in the north west
  11. I’m currently hoping for a Steve Bruce and Mike Ashley double heart attack
  12. Has anyone noticed whenever we’re the 1730 kick off game they start taking about the 2000 kick off as soon as our game has finished, but when we’re the 2000 kick off we’re lucky to get a mention 10 minutes before our kick off
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