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  1. I'll give him credit for letting Saint on who was game transforming, but it's still 3 wins in 22 which isn't good enough in the long run
  2. Apple pie and custard going off what he's been saying!
  3. That decision we might need to blame in case of relegation! Nobody but ourselves ofc
  4. If they don't we've got slightly more room to breathe until May. But we can't trust a team to deliver, Liverpool a month ago for example
  5. He's taken Southend yeah, can't be Dyche either as he's chimed in on the perceived expectations line. But that's just a perception and he hasn't experienced it first-hand to know so it's going off what the media insist, I don't blame him + managers stick together don't they
  6. I could do with the football being cancelled, I've been bricking it all day because of this Fulham game! I shouldn't even be worried but so long as the points gap is 3 we can't be complacent
  7. Insider's back https://www.footballinsider247.com/sources-big-update-on-newcastle-united-takeover-and-when-it-may-be-completed/ - now they've moved it to July or June! Stuck it here as it is positive but it's more of the same really, but a consistent theme in this saga
  8. https://experimental361.com/2021/04/04/expected-goals-table-premier-league-3-5-apr-2021/ I've been following the guy who makes these for years, it's really shocking when you step back and see things from these (expected) tables. Everton below us in points! Shows Brighton's position excellently too as they should be far more clinical than they are proving to be - as bad as we've been, there are a few teams far worse apparently
  9. - to both Burnsie claiming inside knowledge again (thought he got suspended, back already?) and the bed typo
  10. We're wildly inconsistent as a team, praying for a miracle that we overcome the bare minimum of expectations and try like last game but I'm never hopeful
  11. Their problem is turning draws into wins, that's obvious looking at their loss record which is 5 I think. Was like that especially under Ross with the "1-1" most games! Still time to change but given I've accepted relegation to save any disappointment I'm happy to play them after 5 years away
  12. He'll just use his other account Rafa Facts
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