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  1. Words cannot express how bad of an idea it is to put Krafth in the back three let alone directly up against Vardy who's left of the two. Can see a 5 or 6-0 drubbing.
  2. Will get mauled. Vardy and Iheanacho's movement around Fernandez, Clark and Dummett will be brutal. Then Madison and Perez finding pockets around Shelvey...
  3. PSG are an absolutely vile club
  4. buzz

    Jonjo Shelvey

    He's always been like this but used to have moments of quality that made up for it. None of that this season though. He's now on a par with the likes of Geremi, Amady Faye and Alan Smith at their worst.
  5. Rushed Schar back for the end of the season, gets three game suspension on first sub appearance lol
  6. I think we'll draw against Sheff Utd but will lose all the others. Should be enough, I guess.
  7. So many utterly shit players in this team. Clark, Longstaff, Shelvey, Ritchie. Dire.
  8. Gotta be nearly time for Bruce's 'Shelvey into CB' tactical innovation
  9. How long until Bruce moves Shelvey into defence?
  10. Preferred Alan Smith to Shelvey
  11. Presumably hasn't passed the fact check? Something as scandalous as Keith suggests obviously needs to be totally vetted before publication...
  12. buzz

    Takeover Thread

    My favourite recent Burnsie moment was when he completely forgot about his own ITK takeover completion date, wittering on about arranging protests at the PL offices over the summer despite the fact that according to him the whole thing should be over long before then anyway. Same day as well.
  13. Isn't he incredibly particular about what jobs he'll take? The conditions have to be just right for him and against all odds he seems to have found it at Leeds. Plus there's the issue of him only committing to a one year rolling contract which may factor in. No reason to think Leeds can't overtake Spurs anyway in the near future based on their financial means and Spurs' possible need for a big rebuild (their debt issues too... not sure how bad it really is, especially without Champions League?)
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