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  1. Surely we have to be up for Sunday now. We have been thrown a big lifeline and have the opportunity to go nine points clear before they play again
  2. I’d play him only when we move to five at the back. His legs have gone, but it doesn’t seem to show as much when you have everyone behind the ball
  3. Wolves losing to Fulham will have them looking over their shoulders. I mean they probably have enough points with 35, but surely they wouldn’t want that gap closing given the form they’re in
  4. Hopefully five at the back does the trick again
  5. Do we ever beat Burnley away from home though?
  6. It feels like we need at the very least four points from the next two games and then we have Sheffield United as the next opportunity for points before the final day
  7. We don’t have enough in the team right now to win a single game, let alone the three we will need
  8. I enjoy the coverage in The Athletic - I think they have done a good job with it overall.
  9. I think Fulham can beat Villa today whereas we have no chance of getting three points. Villa have been poor recently and it’s looking likely to me that Fulham will be out of the bottom three this evening
  10. They would be going down with us if they didn’t start the season like Barcelona
  11. andyc35i

    Rafa Benítez

    He may as well wait for the summer where he can hopefully get something that he wants rather than do the whole China style thing again
  12. I haven’t been since Rafa left and won’t be returning. I live in London and it was a big commitment for me to make the trip four or five times a season. I did it because football used to be a fun experience and with Rafa I wanted to believe things were changing. Rafa gave me hope and that’s obviously gone now - we are back to the same Ashley shit.
  13. He can step up for a champions league team for sure. I think he would look good in the Liverpool side because they are set up to play the way that he wants to play - high energy, quick press and lots of movement.
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