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  1. This is going to be so underwhelming The takeover is all that matters! Anything else is just noise!
  2. NUST seem to be getting excited about something!
  3. I hope Craig has a belter lined up for tonight
  4. Add Schar to that list, and Lejeune if he was here. Schar always looks like he can't believe how thick Bruce is. Its quite clear these would be the players who cared. The others obviously have no personal interest, so long as they are in the match day squad!
  5. Lost the high court case to Barclays Lost 2 cases on pre-arbitration All in the last month It's going so well 🙄
  6. BS You're just annoyed about the result 👍
  7. I can see this happening of we lose to Man U
  8. I miss the ITK boys of November/December Anything to break up this purgatory
  9. Even if the takeover happened it is so dangerous for him to take this job before the season is out! If Bruce was sacked and he takes over and we go down, the knives would be out Bruce needs to finish the season come what may
  10. Isn't this just about the resumption of trade due to Covid causing restrictions over the last few days?
  11. Has he tweeted that? No he says it right at the end of the podcast he does with Mark Chapman this morning! https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-ornstein-chapman-podcast/id1488521447?i=1000508556849 He talks for about 15mins from the 3rd minute
  12. De Marco has said today.... 'Now more than at any time before, we need to encourage investment in football, not discourage it'
  13. Bein will be ironically become our biggest advocate If the ban is lifted, a Saudi takeover increases Beins revenue exponentially! SA would become even more PL mad! Ching Ching
  14. 🙏 Hoping for something this week Heard a few people mention Valentines Day for an update?
  15. Ashley could sell for reduced price if relegated and then go after PL for shortfall! They have illegally restricted trade and he has been adversely affected!
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