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  1. Really can't understand the negativity from some posters it's as if they want this takeover to fail,everything is falling into place ,may take a few more weeks or months but the pressure on masters and Hoffman will become unmanageable and then the new owners will have the keys to the castle,keep the faith.
  2. Might as well let mouth of the Tyne know Wilson in for joelinton
  3. Mouth of the Tyne,funnily enough he always posts after me,strange one that
  4. Gayle was promised a new deal till he got injured then it was put on hold,the new deal was put on the back burner ,he then spat his dummy out and refused to start games ,must've sorted it now so he,ll prob start a few more
  5. Bruce didn't even bother to come to training on Thursday, needs to go players have lost faith and have a lot more respect for Jones,clocks ticking on his reign,keep the faith
  6. I'll put it on so mouth of the Tyne can put on twitter and take the credit,gayle in for hendrick
  7. I've never been out,only a matter of time now,keep the faith
  8. We do have a goalkeeping coach,people need to do their research, Simon Smith gave him the news,that's your brilliant man manager for you as shelvey says
  9. Bruce got the goalkeeping coach to tell darlow,didn't even have the balls to tell him himself,sums the bloke up
  10. Mouth of the Tyne with some inside information apparently perhaps one day he will post the team before me so I can put it on here,I won't hold my breath
  11. Ando7

    Takeover Thread

    Well said mate,it's gonna happen and the humble pie will be dished out by the bucket load
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