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  1. Why can’t Boris just say “pass the fuking take over you daft Kunts or we will make stuff particularly difficult for you, simple? “ Some of the shitty owners they have let loose on the PL etc has been staggering, why do we get fuked over .This summer seems the end game , please make it happen , someone, please
  2. GWN

    Takeover Thread

    We can buy and sell anything to the Saudi’s yes? Weapons, planes, ammunition. So why not let them buy a football club? I don’t get it . Morals can fuk off
  3. Fair enough mate it’s all about opinions with one common goal 👍
  4. Really great to see this in the news and front page . Any publicity is good imho, makes me believe in things a bit more 👍
  5. If I knew in 5 years this would be over and the deal done I’d take it mate , like a fuking shot
  6. On the derby debate , it’s the one match that I get a buzz from, a genuine buzz but as has been said I wouldn’t want this fat cunt in charge while playing them, we’d shit ourselves and lose even right now. Let them rot, for now but I do miss them but not as much as I used to, the unbearable 6 in a row craic is so rank I just couldn’t go through that again, eventually it will see us meet but please make it be 20 years time 😂 Fuk them , horrible Kunts.
  7. Oh dear lost to Wigan "We get to go to Wembo tho marra"
  8. Looks like another play off , fuk me they are shite mind , we think we have it bad, these are on another 5 levels of shittyness
  9. The world can fuk off like, fancied Wigan all day , forgot to back them 5/1 , winning 2-1 ffs.
  10. I've got no problem with you protesting at the thread content of his post just the fact you find the need to call a fellow fan the way you do , bizarre but crack on if it makes you feel better. Shite in truth .
  11. Everton’s team looks tragic, why the fuk did I back them , Brighton look nailed on. I’m tragic at times
  12. Any need , you are aloud an opinion in any thread , no need to be abusive .
  13. Oh, not very inspirational 😂
  14. Brighton very short at 5/4 tonight Everton 9/4 look decent , really don’t know any help lads? Everton just look goodish value, usually means they aren’t 😂😂
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