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  1. What would be interesting is where the FOI request in relation to Boris and MBS came from. It must have been submitted well before all this Cameron stuff came out. On a side note though, Ashley is apparently happy it’s back in the spotlight.
  2. Yeah, after political pressure didn’t get the desired outcome Ashley went down the legal route In September.
  3. Aye it was when Caulkin did the takeover 2.0 article. They thought takeover was days away and money was in the country awaiting approval. The PL must have given some indication it would be approved. I think what we can take from this is that Staveley had every right to believe it was close to being signed off.
  4. Never read the article mate haven’t got an Athletic subscription anymore. Caulkin is close to Staveley so I presume she would know if arbitration had begun.
  5. At least we know Govt want this without any shadow of a doubt now. This article certainly shows why Staveley thought deal was days away in September after political pressure. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9476763/Brilliant-Boris-said-told-Newcastle-deal-track.htmlic
  6. I’m the most optimistic person behind manorpark in relation to takeover, however this is due to mussels always being at there best when the month finishes with ‘ber’ at the end. I do however think he knows the correct spelling of ‘leeks’.
  7. This would simply be glorious.
  8. Liam Kennedy on Wraiths podcast Monday night said he suspects it has started, without being able to confirm for definite.
  9. I suppose it boils down to the fact can it be argued MBS is a figurehead and is it reasonable for the Governor to be the named Director for the purpose of running a football club. I wouldn’t claim to know how the legal team will argue the toss on this. I mean would it be reasonable for the whole of the PIF board to be submitted for the test as you could argue they could all hold influence. I’m sure when the deal was originally called off, Staveley in her interview with Caulkin said they had offered to put the whole PIF board forward but they wanted the state. What did she mean by the whole PIF
  10. I don’t think we’ll ever know in what capacity he was acting under. However, what’s changed we know MBS is chairman of PIF and lawyers knew this before the Mail article. This tweet below in response to a cretin in the local media is a good summary in my view.
  11. Exactly, add to this the impact on North East economy and I bloody hope Boris would show some interest in this. The fact Lord Grimstone also tried to act as a go between shows the govt want this takeover.
  12. Think it’s a coincidence and more to do with lobbying in light of Cameron. For all the noise today separation will be decided by a technicality argued by QC’s. The arbitration is based solely on this one point. Even for all the talk of wrong doing by the PL today, I don’t think this will have any bearing on arbitration and would only come into play in NCSL’s anti competition case. The Mail article even tries to link the deal being back on due to lobbying, which we know is bullshit. We knew MBS held a call with Boris not to long back, it wouldn’t take a genius to guess this was b
  13. Exactly this, the governor of PIF hand delivered letter from Saudi Royal Court to PL. The conversation between MBS and Boris could have been around separation. This is a side issue to do with Cameron and cronieism, no impact as far as I’m concerned.
  14. Decent read and analysis of events in this thread.
  15. Aye seems the shop manager found out via Twitter according to some folk. I’m sure there’ll be a copy up by the end of day.
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