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  1. Not a bad shout tbh. Here's an important question, though. If my weapon is at 69% durability, do I have to have (a) materials (b) access to some sort of crafting area and (c) a member of the team with enough points in fucking blacksmithery to get it back to 100%? I can just about live with (a) and (b) but if I have to spend exp which should go on being able to set folk on fire from a distance, on being able to use a fucking hammer instead, then that might be a deal breaker I mean, ideally there's no durability and I don't have to worry about crafting one bit
  2. Well, you managed four years tbh
  3. You say this every time you buy an Assassins Creed game man :lol:
  4. so it would appear, my man I have more faith than you do, but fair enough
  5. Aye, and also through an ageing population. Cannot stress enough how clear it is as I age myself that some people around me who were previously absolutely committed socialists now have a new (and understandable) position based on assets and families that they didn't have when they were 25. You can't guarantee new interested socialists coming in to replace them - they get more likely to vote as they get older, while the replacements are more likely to be disinterested in the process. I still have fuck all to call my own and nee kids of my own, so I'm still rock solid committed
  6. There's definitely some truth to that as well mojo I've always said that elections are lost more often than they're won (if you see what I mean). I just think we could do with trying to change the debate in a more long-term way and move it away from "these lot have been terrible and it's time for change by voting in whoever the next biggest party is" and closer to "this is what we should be working toward". I just don't think that the lazy characterisation of people who don't share our political perspective as greedy and insensitive look-after-number-one wankers does anything ot
  7. For the purpose of debate: for me part of the problem is the way that a tory government being in power is framed as "the majority of the population of the UK simply don't want to help out their fellow citizens because they are selfish wankers". Right leaning people see this on facebook as the attitude of left leaning people without the benefit of bots, because that's exactly what a lot of left leaning people think and post. It's obviously a much more nuanced argument. Anybody who can't see any legitimate arguments or concerns at all against a much more socialist state isn't thinking abo
  8. Gave up on Ghost of Tsushima - much as expected, very pretty but as dull as ditchwater. Almost certain that Mike only persisted with it because of how he cleans his blade when you swipe right Can only run after so many foxes before you start to question what you're doing with your life, and if I see that animation of the opponent staggering and clutching their neck after a standoff one more time I'll throw the controller through the window. I have nothing to play and nothing that I'm looking forward to finding in a sale. Must be time to get the Disgaea 4 remake
  9. I can't believe that more people open bottles wrong than the number of people that open them properly
  10. Aye, same. Hold steady with writing hand, open with other hand
  11. So maybe it is more about getting a natural twist motion than about which hand you write with
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