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  1. The ignore functionality works so much better than it used to, but it's a shame there's no way to ignore a user from clicking on their name on mobile. You'd think people's profiles would show an ignore option as well.
  2. As jaded as I am and as much skepticism as I have about Hurst and some others involved with NUST, even I’ve just set a DD up. There’s fuck all else to do to try and make a difference other than boycoutting, which means that money isn’t going directly to NUFC any time soon anyway. If I was better off at the minute I’d have just matched the price of a season ticket and all related match day expenses over the year. Hopefully soon, and if I’m filthy rich in a few years I’ll kick a lot more in. This makes me feel like I’m doing something “bigger” to try and improve the club long-term, so
  3. On board As ordinary members of NUST, we've joined the pledge scheme as outlined further below. As ever, we don't claim to speak for anyone else, but think it's worthwhile outlining why we signed up. We've had some brilliant days watching this club, from Barrack Road to Barcelona and most points in between. At present though, Burton and Bristol look back on the itinerary in the short term, with oblivion on the horizon. To misquote a line from the Likely Lads, the only thing to look forward to currently is the past. Stay up this season for the chance to go through t
  4. Shelvey now back in midfield. Feels good to have such a consistent plan B.
  5. Got to justify him being our third(?) highest paid player somehow!
  6. We’re out tic-tacing them here so far. Looks like Mou wasn’t ready for a Bruce 5-3-2.
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