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    I think certain tour companies are more tied in with the Ukraine government so they can get the necessary permissions or maybe you were unlucky enough to go at a time when emissions were higher (apparently there’s been a steady increase in neutron emissions), it’s a good money spinner for them now. Especially after that HBO series. I’d say Pripyat is safe enough to spend a longer amount of time in but as you said, there’s nothing really there
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    Did they bring you into the reactor 4 control room? I’ve seen a few tours on YouTube, they still pick up the pace noticeably when going to and leaving that building.
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    Would anyone (or has anyone) here done the Chernobyl tour?
  4. I don’t think people are going to have the appetite to vent at him if they were all let back into the stadium for the last home game. People are going to be so happy to be doing normal things again there’s going to be a good atmosphere despite all the bullshit that’s gone on all season.
  5. Comparing this to Man City is getting ahead of ourselves, we don’t know what kind of business model the consortium might potentially follow. If Rafa Benitez is involved, his pipe dream of building up a whole youth system and top academy is far more exciting than just going and buying success imho.. We know he can do more with less than the other “top” managers. A couple of solid signings to go with the decent ones we already have at the club and year on year steady progress would do all of us I think? Right now the club is really only set up for buying success for the first team
  6. I wonder does Arsene Wenger have another run in him at a premier league club. All those Arsenal supporters holding a protest to get him sacked, wonder if they still think they were right all along.
  7. Whilst I’m not disagreeing with the comments, cmon.. stop being such miserable cunts 😂 it’s a good win that none of thought we were getting. Just be happy with it. The season is almost over and hopefully we can look forward to our decent players like Almiron being utilised a bit better next season. The midfield is a known quantity. It needs replacing. (Longstaffs, Shelvey, Hayden & Hendrick) We do that and we might even have a good season despite Bruce if he’s still here. At the end of the day, the takeover is all that matters really.
  8. Just watched the SNL thing. He was probably as good as was ever going to be the case. Is he suffering from Parkinson’s disease? He sort of shuffles like he’s trying to mask it, Michael J Fox did something similar before it got too bad.
  9. I think we’ll have a new owner of this club within 12 months. I’m confident of that. The recent news, it doesn’t really change much. We’re still up against an institution that’s hell bent on protecting this big 6 that are commercially viable. NUFC could have and should have been that, but let’s face it, after Robson threatened to spoil the party with our 3rd place finish, we’ve done fuck all to merit being considered a big club (commercially) My thoughts are that this news means they want to accelerate the process as I would assume the interest KSA/PIF have in this project is ti
  10. I would say the consortium are fronting the legal costs. Maybe the deposit that’s in escrow is being used. It’s not like they haven’t been in direct contact.
  11. I get the impatience, ideally we want to have everything in place so that Bruce can be moved on and a few players bought to give us that immediate boost before the new season starts. But I’m in the camp that we’ve waited this long, I can wait longer if I know there’s goi no to be something at the end of it. It genuinely seems that way now. The PL have too much coming at them right now in terms of litigation. Where is the money coming from to fight all these cases? Is there a point where it will eat into the money divided between its member clubs?
  12. A few of their players have gone off the boil at the wrong time too. Vardy and Maddison in particular. Earlier in the season they were unplayable. Still, it’s a massive achievement for a team like Leicester to be comfortably in the top 6 for 2 seasons in a row. Having a stable club with owners who show ambition and know how to make the place a happy working environment for all their staff cannot be underestimated.
  13. I’d take him in a heartbeat. The difference between those good coaches though and say someone like Sir Alex, Wenger and even Guardiola is how they managed the squad and keep the right players fresh for the right moments. Leicester basically played the same 11 for the guts of the season. They have good players who can come on but the main bulk looked absolutely knackered. Even with us at a lower level, Benitez knew how to do this too. We had such few injuries in comparison to Bruce.
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