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  1. Can't say I'm surprised, the build was mostly terrible so why would the aftermath be any different? Smackdown has some bright spots so maybe that will be better but Raw has been an absolute shitshow so I'm not surprised if that continues to be the case.
  2. Thought a lot of night 2 was rushed but the main event was fantastic (probably the best since 30) so i didn't really care about the rest of it by the end.
  3. The biggest upside to it being a cage match tbh
  4. Womens tag aside (which felt like it was a pre show match on the main show) Everything delivered imo, some were better than they had any right to be.
  5. These promos forced on by the rain delay are arguably doing more for the show than weeks of television did.
  6. Nah you're not wrong, the build is incredibly important and it's something they clearly don't take too seriously anymore. It's a shame because if the build was good it would just make those matches feel so much better. Oh well i guess.
  7. Reality is there's too much talent on that roster for it to truly suck, it's just a shame that they seem to know it and half ass creative week to week. Knowing people will likely watch out of morbid curiosity anyway.
  8. Yeah too much lazyness, lacking in creativity and rushed builds. Basically what WWE has been for as long as i can remember. I think the main event will be great, all 3 guys are great atm. I'm sure there will be some matchups which will be good just because they're talented. But the build has done nothing to stress excitement outside of the main event.
  9. Because he's been absolutely fantastic since he turned heel. Like his performances since he came back are actually worthy of what WWE tried to build him as when he was a good guy.
  10. While we disagree about how much of a fetch quest spam fest Witcher 3 is i do agree playing back to back open world games would be a mistake.
  11. That's gonna happen tho as most exclusive PS4 titles are part of the collection as far as I'm aware. If I'm wrong tho then that's fair enough.
  12. I guess i just notice it more when it directly effects me
  13. NBA media is the most trash sports media I've ever personally experienced. People talking about Zion leaving in 6 years less than 70 games in his career. I really can't be bothered with this for the next half a dozen years. Quite obvious these people don't actually like the sport but the storylines that come out of it. It's such a fucking cesspool.
  14. I'm just gonna assume that a game that clearly was nowhere near ready to be released won't suddenly be great after less than 6 months. Maybe it will get there eventually but not yet i imagine it's probably at least playable with all those fixes. So that's good i guess.
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