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  1. I wouldn't say he's consistently at his best. He has the odd game where he has two or three magic moments. It's a lot more than we are used to of late but do expect him to be more consistent over the next season or two.
  2. People are unhappy we are winning.
  3. Save the headless chicken to near the end and win a free kick or pen.
  4. t00nraider

    Jeff Hendrick

    Poached a regular utility premier league player from a team which finished 10 points above us last season on a free is ok business. Obviously need more, but decent start.
  5. Maxi was playing canny rubbish in the last few games. We were quite unlucky with injuries so we should be ok for next season. Could really do with a couple of gem signings to make it a bit pallatable for next season though.
  6. lol woops, was supposed to be ...
  7. They'll have to get it legally watertight to accept or reject the deal. I'd imagine they are shitting themselves realising their test wasn't fit for purpose and was really just for show. at the same time how incompetent do you have to be to be on the verge of somehow failing the fit and proper person test there's literally only one way they could fail it and somehow they're making it worse for themselves by banning bein sports making it so that the prospective owners have no legal way to watch their own club on tv in SA There is nothing in the O&D test that states the prospective ne
  8. It's good news. It was ok'd by the PL before hand and is part of a process which satisfy part of the O&D test.
  9. We had a lot of key players injured under Carver. Bruce is suffering with Hayden and Longstaff out. Both aren't good enough though.
  10. She has shouted it from the rooftop. It isn't much of a story without the football element so noone gave much inteest at the time. Anyways the stumbling block is all about clamping down on piracy and blackmailing the saudis to buy tv rights (aledgedly). This saga could only happen to our club.
  11. Hope its a better masterclass than against Southampton then for you.
  12. I only really want him to stay because it winds the mackems up. We are doing quite well under Bruce and seem to be improving. We could pay top dollar for someone expensive and it not turn out well.
  13. The PL is just waiting for a few more sites to be shut down and tie up a few loose ends. Still on course for July 1.
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