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  1. Forrin Vermin we need 11 Ritchie dogs
  2. "it's all blown over!" started by Fitzgerald "no point anymore, he's won" started by Fitzgerald "I'm a schizophrenic!" started by Fitzgerald and CountyDurhamMag "f*** you all, just want my club back" started by ToonArmy1982 "Ashley FC" started by ToonArmy1982 LOL! Not bad to be fair
  3. I'm just gutted a 20m net spend is going to see it all blow over and Ashley really has got away with steve Bruce hasn't he. It just saddens me how far peoples expectations have dropped. Just got to let them all get on with it I suppose but I won't be part of it and still hope they get beat and Ashley suffers enough to leave
  4. It's a forum. If I agree with something or someone I say it if not then I say what I think that is different. Simple
  5. Dear lord Ashley has done it again hasn't he. It's all blown over! Again! ToonArmy1892[/member] is spot on like tbf
  6. Quite a few of these arseholes popping up on Twitter too.......TwitchyToes and that c*** with the eyebrows. I'm sure they're club plants personally, there's something very odd about them. Aye it's Bishop like. Evening Keith you slimy Cunt
  7. Who cares when Bruce is head coach
  8. Well it's almost back. Teams getting made up. Who are the must haves? Hidden gems? Etc. Is there a NO league been made? About the only enjoyment I get from football nowadays. A welcome distraction from the 2 fat slugs Edit: N-O League code: ibd4ma H2H code: 7yehri
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