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  1. But surely the same argument could and would arise in this case?
  2. What impact would losing the arbritarion case have on this case?
  3. Its negative speculation based on nothing more than misplaced cynicism. Caulkin knows nothing Kennedy knows nothing Keith knows nothing PIF withdrew It hasn't happened yet therefore it must not be happening etc etc. The same views repeated ad nauseum against a backdrop of an owner who himself thinks the takeover is still on.
  4. There's reports that Hoffman was aware of Project Big 6 and communicated his approval of those plans. If Project Big 6, isn't defined as anti-competitive, then I don't know what it.
  5. The thing is, the PL have proved they're more than willing to drag things out, and caving in would essentially be an admission of guilt. It's totally unprecedented so whilst I am and have always been confident of a takeover, I'm not so certain that they'll roll over like is being assumed and yet I can't think of a single logical and feasible reason why they wouldn't as on the surface it seems so clear cut.
  6. This is excruciating. Feels like we're either a week away from a takeover or 2 fucking years.
  7. *Sorry, as in how the PL could argue against that very rule. I think they'd parrot what they've said in public which is PIF withdrew blah blah blah, but even then I think it'd be a flimsy argument if it can be shown that PIF had provided sufficient information up to the point of withdrawal.
  8. Yep, this is what I was referring to although I couldn't remember the actual rule. I'm not sure how they'd argue against that very policy in court, it seems clear cut to me, although my legal knowledge only stretches to Bird Law.
  9. Yeh, agree with this. Its even more farcical when you consider that they haven't deemed Sheik Mansour at Man City as a person of control when that structure is even more blatant.
  10. This is true, but to be honest it's the type of shithousery from Ashley that I'd be all for, for once.
  11. Not that I'm advocating James' theory but wouldn't he be able to say uncertainty around the takeover restricted his ability to make a long term decision? Thus impacting the clubs status? Could the PL actually argue in court that they didn't have grounds to make a decision either way? From what I've seen, they've had ample opportunity to reject the takeover.
  12. Yeh but do you have proof of this? Where is this written down in black and white?
  13. So have we decided where I can go to read things that make me all warm and fuzzy inside or are we all still measuring dicks?
  14. He'll have 1 eye on the takeover. Don't think he's got the heart to face into another relgation battle, he's been called out by too many people.
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