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  1. And people think that Fulham can beat Manchester Red in old trafford when they couldn't even score a single goal against Burnley at home....
  2. https://www.catribunal.org.uk/sites/default/files/2021-05/1402_St_James_Summary_060521.pdf Anyone with legal expertise care to explain?
  3. Lock the thread again. But let the other thread unlocked. And wait until a civil war broke and count how many fell victim to the "ban hammer".
  4. Staying in L1 would be worse in my opinion. And hopefully they go down another level to L2 next season if they are staying in L1.
  5. I hope this thing would expose all the corruption in the EPL. Remember Fergie's time? Literally and figuratively... Thing like this https://citizen.co.za/phakaaathi/world-soccer/2420653/ex-referee-admits-that-officials-were-biased-towards-man-united-during-ferguson-era/
  6. Yeah after 29th of Ramadan which in gregorian calendar 11th of May (tuesday) so the Eid either star on Wednesday or Thursday. Public holiday in my country only lasted for 2 days, but the celebration can lasted up to a week.
  7. Usually the celebration lasted for a week
  8. Nothing i my personal opinion, but I don't speak for the rest of the forum
  9. Ow ow... Oh no... Get ready Sir, a barrage of abuse will be directed at you for posting that...
  10. Well, look what I wake up to... Even if this thing won't bring takeover any close for NUFC. I hope this thing bring PL and the so called "big 6" down.
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