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  1. Think we played Manchester United around Christmas time last year he did a pre match press conference where his face was literally the colour purple.
  2. Any cricket player. Absolute worst sport ever.
  3. Everytime this comes up I can’t help but feel there’s a lot of recency bias. Pardew was so smarmy it was unreal. He also loved to drive down expectations and attack fans his staff would do this physically if memory serves correctly, to none other than our very own neesy. He protected Mike, at a crucial time. And is partly to blame as to why our fans turned in to a bunch of cucks. Bruce’s excuses make far more sense, and are much more laudible. Not saying they’re right but they’re somewhat within the realms of normalcy for pfm’s. Bruce has protected the likes of Elliott Anderson, probably
  4. Just seen clips of Naci Ünüvar on the old Dennis wise, almost definitely the best executioner of the travela I’ve seen.
  5. Feel for the lad. Must have some mental illness to fuck his life up the way he has
  6. I mean imagine doing on an interview and playing the victim about how badly you’ve been treat by the fans, knowing it won’t be any different next season and then not resigning. I mean surely he has too.
  7. Think with some of the comments recently there’s a good chance Bruce won’t be here next season. Who would you go for?
  8. I mean the good news is that surely he can’t be here with comments like that next season.
  9. Well I’m someone who knows very little about cars, but my impression is they’re the type of car a normal person drives, not a millionaire footballer. For example I learned to drive in one.
  10. First one was 05-06, but that was unicef and they weren’t making money
  11. Definitely Miggy. I love him to bits but it really does slow down play sometimes With him always having to come back on his left
  12. No. They were a club with proper identity and morals. The club where Catalan people could go to the ground and speak their own language, and express their identity with a freedom they couldn’t outside of football. A club that had morals like not having shirt sponsor, and wasn’t quite so corporate. The current club that exists is firmly embedded in the establishment.
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