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  1. Yup, I can subscribe to that "BREAKING NEWS: Newcastle United has finally been sold and is now the riche...oh, hold on, we have more breaking news! Yeh, the world is about to end. Good night all an..."
  2. I think the evidence that we're hearing about will likely be more first-hand evidence rather than electronic. Like witnesses to meetings etc. Purely speculating, like
  3. Ah, turns out it's the Indian Ocean we https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-57045058
  4. They all already have rock-solid age verification "Are you over 18?" "Yes!" "Alreet. Crack on!" Rock. Solid.
  5. I believe in one of his tweets (or the other guy's - I don't know who's who ) he's just said pretty much that. Saying the club's case dwarfs his. All the information from first hand instead of his whatever hand. Etc. Edit: See above
  6. At the very least...this case will bring out some proper dirty laundry. I'm looking forward to it, to be honesty
  7. I read these threads and rarely comment. But there are a few dickheads who come into this specific thread just to argue with those who find comfort here. What a weird trait, to go into a thread just to be confrontational. And nobody is fooled that these people are being "balanced" or "constructive". Just stay the fuck out and all is well.
  8. I remember bikes being well catered for
  9. It's nice. The zoo is worth a visit and the Clifton bridge is awe inspiring. There's a little place up a hill on the East side called the 360 Observatory, or something. You can pay to go down a tunnel, within it, and come out at a balcony on the cliff side. I didn't see many taking it up so it was quiet. The town centre is like any other British shitty city. But the architecture going to the Bridge etc is beautiful.
  10. Both sides are being kids in this. Every time you come into a thread there's at least 2 people who aren't grown-up enough to just stop their argument. It's like a must win in front of everyone situation. But, nobody gives a fuck!
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