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    Such an amazing country! I had a few weeks over there for the Rugby World Cup in 2019. Can get a nice change of pace and scene if you've got the chance to head on down towards Beppu and Oita, I took the overnight ferry from Kobe (which is also worth a visit) and that's an experience in itself.
  2. I'm sure when we were in the Championship, England's second division, Rafa was still being invited to that Elite Manager conference thing that UEFA have and so he'd just pop over and rub shoulders with Guardiola and Allegri or whoever like it's business as usual. Probably barely even mentioned it too like the class man he is. This guy goes on some radio show with Simon Jordan and Jim White after just about surviving relegation, acting like he's the second coming of Sir Alex Ferguson and he's loving it.
  3. number37


    From what I can remember, Craft Beer Works Kamikaze and Beer Belly in Osaka are pretty good and worth a visit if you're close to either.
  4. One night I was on call but in the Hotspur so I had to dial into work on my laptop and for such a busy pub I had no difficulty clearing some room at a table.
  5. Well done with The Man in the high castle, I just about managed to reach the end of the first series before bailing out. It was a nice idea and the style of it looked great but it just dragged on like I was watching it in real time, could have cut a couple of episodes and been alright. Felt like 10 episodes worth of story stretched over 15 episodes or whatever the numbers were. Actually, on a similar theme, did you ever watch Hunters? Also mostly great but they did their very best to ruin it towards the end, which was a shame.
  6. The Avengers use Oracle cloud for all their stuff, assuming that's all related to S.H.I.E.L.D. but they're not real, unfortunately. A few years ago, I did some training at Oracle HQ down in Reading and it was at the height of the Marvel films and so each printed edition of Oracle magazine they had scattered around the place had many versions with a different Avenger on the cover. For some reason it was very difficult to grab a copy of the one with Scarlett Johansson on the cover, could get any amount of the others but not her and I really tried. In the end I just had to print out a PDF ve
  7. number37


    The smallest house in Britain is also in Conwy, which can be several minutes of fun for the whole family but you'd probably have to do it one at a time though.
  8. number37


    I had a week in Conwy last September and really loved it, stayed at Y Capel, which is converted chapel with a very, very decent pub twenty yards across the lane. I spent a day in Caernarfon that week and even though the castle and harbour were enjoyable to visit, personally, I'd recommend staying in Conwy and using that as your base for further exploration. If you're driving, parking is a wee bit of a pain in Conwy but gives you the flexibility, although buses are pretty decent to take you throughout the region and it's what I did because I was reluctant to give up my prime parking spot (just
  9. Could that be a potential strategy for the Conservatives? Tell the SNP that they can have their referendum but it has to take place before the end of 2021.
  10. It's actually not a bad strategy because if you made an advert that accurately portrayed just how amazing we are then everyone's going to want to visit. I think being Britain's best kept secret in some corner of the island that no one cares about is one of our strongest features. We know we're mint so that's all that matters.
  11. The Conqueror, obviously, but that was a film and not a TV show and also not at all accurate in any way, shape or form nor was it on the right side of decency, cultural awareness or sensitivity. Other than that though... (Sorry, not very helpful).
  12. Yeah, I'm not sure that SpongeBob SquarePants is better than Blackadder. Always nice to see Police Squad! mentioned though.
  13. I'd make sure league fixtures over the Christmas and new year period are kept as local as possible to help with fans (and players/staff too) from having to travel too far. I think this is already done in the National League. Speaking of which, I'd re-regionalise League Two into north and south like they had many years ago. I'd do the same for the National League (it would have to be renamed, of course) or maybe merge/fold it into an expanded Football League structure so below the Premier League you'd have something like: Championship, League One, League Two North/League Two South and the
  14. That was so good! It's night and day compared with how Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher articulate. I do appreciate the BBC may have to work under some different constraints in terms of what they're allowed to say (they're unable to take part in this weekend's social media boycott, for example) but they're wasting license payer's money. Jenas can spend half an hour on the One Show giving some bland opinion on the variety of lilly used in some hanging basket display in rural Shropshire but says nothing on how some owners want to destroy British and European football.
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