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  1. Wonder where Barkley goes next? Apart from his first few months in a Grealish inspired team, he’s been awful every time I’ve seen Villa play. Can’t see them keeping him around and he’s not got a future at Chelsea.
  2. Binning Lampard for Tuchel is the best move Chelsea have made since employing Eva Carneiro.
  3. Bloody hell, just seen the pen. For one of the greatest goalscorers we’ve seen in this league, he’s bloody awful from the spot.
  4. Three big ones for me : 1) Salary cap. £150m maximum spend per season on your squad. If Salford Red Devils FC want to keep paying £350k a week to their back up keepers then that’s their choice but it will limit their ability to spend elsewhere. More of the players will look to get deals at other clubs and stop the stockpiling of players at a few clubs. 2) Celebrate the death of Rupert Murdoch with a fan lead barn dance at Yeovil aerodrome. Properly policed. It must not, repeat must not, turn into an all night rave. 3) Sack Richard Masters for being unloyal .... disloy
  5. Sky were desperate to point the finger at ‘fans crossing the line’ and ‘unacceptable scenes’. Thank fuck for Keane, Carragher and Neville for ramming home the point this is because of the owners. Souness was a spineless joke. Richards is just a mouthpiece on the City payroll, saying he texts the owners everyday and they are lovely people. Funny how they used a pundit who’s on telly more than Richard Fucking Osman to be an ambassador instead of Steve Lomas or Jamie Pollock. Neville was raging when Jones asked ‘Will there be Man Utd fans upset at what has happened today?’. Aye, the ones in
  6. Wraith might give his coffin an airing. Could plaster it in awful shitty advertising now though and make a few quid. Just like Ashley did with SJP.
  7. He did that world class dive first half. Real Madrid will have taken note.
  8. Embarrassing from Spurs. Richest bunch of losers in the game. That’s sealed Kane leaving.
  9. https://milanreports.com/2021/04/20/13083/ Don’t know if this has already been posted but it’s the best response I’ve seen from anyone.
  10. Now it’s ‘don’t punish the fans’ with a points deduction. Fuck off man, it’s pathetic and I’m sure most fans of these clubs would say punishment is deserved.
  11. He’s banging on now about don’t blame or punish the clubs, the players, the staff or chief executives as its the owners fault. Funny as I didn’t see John Henry or Daniel Levy listed as joining the Super League, it was Liverpool & Spurs. Separation when it suits them. Cunts.
  12. Scudamore, Masters and Premier League are cut from the same cloth as these 6 clubs. Premier League only kicked off as they feared losing their cash cow. They will talk tough in public but be bending over backward to appease the 6. Really just wish they’d fucked off, would have made things exciting. These last two days have been great!
  13. You’ll not win anything with 11 James Milners.
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