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  1. Mathematically they can still stay up if they draw, on GD. Not that it would happen like.
  2. Imagine if Fulham don't win and it gets announced tonight.
  3. He plays like a kid on the playground, occasionally that can be a good thing, but he needs to be more streetwise at times. He runs down dead ends away from support too much. Not that he will get any guidance from Brewcy.
  4. He thinks he's great because we are just about staying up. He just makes me angry.
  5. He is so out of touch, that or he is deliberately taking the piss out of the fans, i wouldn't put it past him.
  6. He's a really nice bloke though, apparently.
  7. Nice one, Rory seems like such a likeable chap.
  8. Faldo just said "cunt" by mistake
  9. Are people now more confident of the takeover after the recent news? I can't say i am.
  10. Rory currently tied for the lead.
  11. How many 1-1 draws have they had since they've been down there.
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