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  1. Reckon the full surviving cast of operation yew tree will be in attendance for the funeral.
  2. I paid it. Worth every penny to keep people’s peckers up.
  3. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/search?q=Newcastle+united puck the bones out of that lot!
  4. He is the anti-Bruce. This “could “ save our season.
  5. Wish we were down now rather than waiting for the last game of the season.
  6. The depressingly predictability of this fucking club man. Typical dogshit Bruce non-tactics
  7. Reality check defeat for us again I fear! Dog shit for 95% of our games with the odd surprise average performance.
  8. I guess it’s only fair to celebrate the end of the oldest living racist but I’m still raging they postponed the Masterchef final.
  9. Are they putting the money from the membership fee into it? Got to be £20k in those coffers?
  10. RS

    (Northern) Ireland

    There’s varying amounts of this shit going on all the time. Potentially not reported on purpose on the “mainland”?
  11. Why didn’t they just say what they had to on Thursday instead of announcing they had something to say on Thursday?
  12. Gregs twitpic looks like a cross between Tim Vine and Heston Blumenthal!
  13. Can’t wait for him to get the stick he’s so long overdue coming his way the useless one dimensional jacket potato faced twat.
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