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  1. Probably the finest back lane in Shields
  2. Missed focus on his face as I was at f1.7 but thought the dude looked great so still like the photo
  3. 6 days off man, plus refusing to speak to the players after the match Incredible scenes. It's getting to the point where I'm about to excuse Bruce entirely, he's clearly trying to get the sack and Charnley and Ashley are too dimwitted to see the the blatant self-sabotage and disregard of responsibility by their key staff member(s).
  4. That'll be the wrapper on the site. Not sure it's such a big issue imo, a lot of sites still have a max width and any monitor larger than say 26" with large resolution will be bigger than the site max width. Microsoft's site for instance has white space down either side due to the page wrapper, I think we can survive since most people use the forum on smaller devices anyway
  5. Dembele was fantastic yesterday. I loved his intent after having that goal (wrongly) disallowed, he was a man possessed for the next 10 minutes resulting in a quite wonderful run & goal. I'd sell Griezmann if anyone, Dembele is looking the part. Pedri, Puig, Ilaix, Trincao, Dest, Araujo, Fati, so much to be excited about with this team again.
  6. Barcelona were a joy to watch last night. They've a Guinean central midfielder, 18 year old, absolutely bossed Sociedad's midfield including Mikel Merino. Messi, Dest & Dembele were glorious. Still think Griezmann is out of his depth at Barca mind, looked a few levels beneath the rest.
  7. Not sure he ever got started at this level tbh. Shouldn't be blamed as such simply because he shouldn't still be here. We should have got rid years ago. Useless footballer who seems to benefit from time out of the team where these "he gets goals" notions creep back in. He doesn't.
  8. His posts and winding up of Sunderland fans who engage with him seem consistent with his personality from the moment he arrived here. Sure, players have people who work with them to produce content and help with social media presence given that they are essentially brands/marketing tools these days, but right down to tweets of him replying to people and posting memes? I doubt it.
  9. Aye, what makes you think that, joey?
  10. Was absolutely ridiculous. The ball to him was decent enough but he had so so much work still to do. One touch was all it took.
  11. You’re wrong. I’m on my phone so cba to post all the stats, but just look at how often he played 90 minutes last season. Even this season you there is one game he started where he didn’t make it past 73 minutes (Brighton; where he was deployed as a second full back). https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/allan-saint-maximin/leistungsdaten/spieler/272642/plus/0?saison=2019 I may be wrong, it's just an observation which I feel has some truth about it. You share that link but I'm only counting 11 times he played 90 minutes? Does that prove my point wrong? Also, in the games he does play 9
  12. Roughly 60-70 minutes he's usually taken off. I don't have the exact stats and tbh the exact number is largely irrelevant. He seems incapable of playing 90 minutes of football and that's the problem I'm touching on here.
  13. Some good points He has all the natural ability in the world when it comes manipulating a football. He's breathtaking at times so we don't need to work on that area of his game at all. But it beats me why he can't improve his cardio and start lasting full games without falling off a cliff after an hour or getting taken off. I'm not saying he needs to become Miguel Almiron, or even saying he should be fitter so he can track back. None of that, I just would like to see him in the starting line up and believe he's capable of lasting the full game. It should be expected.
  14. I'm a huge fan of his, and this may sound very harsh, but his inability to play 90 minutes is a problem imo. I'm not meaning recently as he's clearly still recovering his fitness; but even prior to COVID he barely ever lasted 90 minutes which basically means you have one sub taken up before the match has even kicked off. Usually that wouldn't cost you, but (albeit) exceptional circumstances like today where you get two injuries, add Saint-Maximin's 60 minute limit and you're fucked if you want to effect the game with a change or you get another injury. It's harsh, I know, but I just think a
  15. Perhaps he has the virus and wants to keep it private hence no mention of him?
  16. Khabib was dominant against McGregor. Wore him out first round, nearly dropped him second round, had way more significant strikes in the fight despite not being a striker, and then finally submitted him at the first attempt in the 4th round. McGregor might have offered slightly more than Gaethje in terms of takedown defence, but he was no match for Khabib, that's as clear as day. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a rematch, would be great to see McGregor humbled again for all the lack of class he's shown.
  17. Khabib fought with a broken foot too according to his corner.
  18. Pointless anyway, he smoked McGregor, it was easy for Khabib. Would just do the same to him again and again.
  19. Love Khabib. Has always displayed an all to rare integrity in a sport and world tbf that often lacks grace and honesty. Miles ahead of any of the competition in terms of skill too, nobody was going to get close to him so his retirement barely matters. He would never have been beaten.
  20. If that were true, it would possibly make you question the ambitions/mentality of some of the players. I'm sure the Liverpool players, some of whom were average before working with Klopp love him for making them winners. The way they play suggests training must be very difficult, gruelling even, but without Klopp half of that team would be begin to look very average imo. It's all speculation though, who knows what the players think of Bruce, or how difficult training is, or what Saint-Maximin was being paid before and what he's on now. We haven't got a clue about anything as fans other than
  21. Came in on far less than that apparently. Under £30k if reports were to be believed. M.Longstaff was asking for a salary that would have seen him earn more than ASM.
  22. I've no idea why he's here tbh, imagine having the amount of talent he has and then playing for such a wretched coach and a directionless club. He clearly loves everything that surrounds the club, the fans, the interactions etc. but he really deserves better. Forced to play left wing back last game and then slaughtered by many for having a bad attitude when taken off with an injury due to months and months of mismanagement. Lad has a genuine shout of being world class, not here though.
  23. Certainly appears that way. I was a bit taken aback by the amount of criticism directed his way after the Brighton game. It was as if a poor 25 minutes completely undone the fact he probably kept us up last season due to his impact on the team offensively, and many people were alluding to his supposed attitude problems from Nice despite the fact he's brought nothing but positivity to our club since arriving.
  24. Yeah was just about to post that from the Mail - "one player the Midlands club are focused on signing is Newcastle United winger Allan Saint-Maximin" Weren't there whispers from his agent around February about this too? Pretty certain they're after him like Just sounds like a lazy 2+2 thing to me... an easy story to write. Adama is highly-rated, and ASM is the next most similar player on a similar trajectory in the league. They may well be interested but I don't think the guys writing the articles would know that.
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