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  1. That's fine mate, I'd record them all and watch it on a loop.
  2. Haven't seen this but once saw a sign in a closed shop that read "For your nearest Blockbuster video shop please set your time machine to 2009, thank you for your custom." FFS.
  3. Don't worry about your suit mate, a pillowcase and a pair of scissors, you're good to go.
  4. That's given but you're still exceeding your maximum organ\limb count by 1\5th mate.
  5. Which bits are you missing Mike?
  6. Admittedly I've never read about the 3\5ths compromise (have now) and it is fecking disgusting, from 1787 to the present day. 3\5ths of a person, that is fucked up. To top it off, no vote anyway. I may get some "If you think that's bad should read about...", and I'll welcome them to be fair.
  7. It's the tits isn't it, .always with tits.
  8. Doc

    Daft Questions Thread

    Last time I saw him he was selling perfume out of a suitcase in The Hearts (pub in Peterlee), well after the Darlo carry on, absolute conman.
  9. Doc

    Daft Questions Thread

    Bout the size of a tardis. I think I may be stronken.
  10. Doc

    Daft Questions Thread

    In a tent in a bedroom Bluff howay.
  11. Doc

    Daft Questions Thread

    I could probably give you a few tips mate. Grew it myself for a few years in a 4 foot square tent, had all the bells and whistle's like. As Bluff said the lights don't need to be on constant and its only 600w usually so not loads of juice, kinda miss doing it but i get it cheap enough now to not bother with the hassle. I'd be happy to help if I can.
  12. Surely should have been Pappa Johnson's
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