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  1. Only logic to me is that he's a 20-25 goal a season Championship player (if he stays fit) so its a relatively low wage gamble in case we go down, should have been for only 2 years though not 3.
  2. Beth

    Emil Krafth

    Bjorn Kristensen was decent at his level (2nd tier)
  3. Beth


    He's mid table Championshit standard. As many have said before his transfer reeks of some sort of tax dodge/fiddle for Ashley and the agents involved.
  4. It'll be an absolutely shite 0-0 or 1-1, another point "accumulated".
  5. And yet still ten times the player Joelinton is.
  6. That was the first ever game I attended, in the Gallowgate corner. That result probably sums us up as a club.
  7. Beth

    Jeff Hendrick

    Looks like a lass who is gender transitioning into a bloke.
  8. Beth

    Fabian Schär

    Purely so we can demand a fee for him if we go down. He'll be raging but nowt he can do about it I'd imagine.
  9. Wilson gone if we go down and a pair of thirty-something crocks leading the line in the Championshit.
  10. Beth

    Mike Ashley

    Hats off to whoever it was, it was tremendous. They'd be having a field day with the current goings on.
  11. If we go down this time it'll be third time unlucky.
  12. It's not like. He's a mid table PL standard player.
  13. Haway man he's been decent but nothing more, regardless of Bruce. We'll get what we paid for him.
  14. We all know its going to go to the last game. We'll probably need a win and draw 0-0.
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